Friday, May 19, 2017

Clash of the Covenants - new book from Mike Kapler

The brand new book, Clash of the Covenants - Escaping Religious Bondage Through the Grace Guarantee, from Growing in Grace co-host Mike Kapler is now available for Kindle on Amazon!  Remember, you don't need a Kindle in order to read.  Download the Kindle app on your computer, tablet or smartphone. 

Have you been robbed by religion? Have you ever wondered where you really stood with God? For everyone trapped in a mindset of wondering whether God is angry or disappointed with them due to a lack of performance or dedication, help is on the way. In fact, it already arrived more than a couple thousand years ago.

Christian churches are filled with people who have been hearing Bible teaching built upon a foundation of mixing together two very different covenants that are not alike. Frequently embraced in most Christian circles, the practice of combining the old and new covenants has resulted in a diluted version of the gospel. This religious formula has caused many to avoid the institutional church altogether, often puts them in a state of confusion, and leaves them hungering and thirsting for a new identity of righteousness, unaware it has already been provided.

The current reality of unconditional love, peace, freedom, forgiveness, and everything else that is good, has been gifted to us by God's grace through the finished work of Jesus Christ. This is the message most people have been longing to experience, but it may require a complete change of mind from a lifetime of traditional church doctrines that have left many drowning in guilt and feeling as though they are in a state of bondage. God has provided a way of escape from the burdensome religious business—it is through a New Covenant where it is impossible for us to fail, because Jesus is the mediator and guarantee of this better covenant, and it has been established on better promises.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Robbing God?

You're not "robbing God" if you don't give 10% of your income to a church. Malachi 3 had to do with Israel and the Old Covenant Levite priests, and how the lawful tithes (of food) had been neglected. It never did and never will have anything to do with giving money to a church - nor to any entity for the matter. The good news is that in the New Covenant we're free to give however much or however little we desire, knowing that our motivation for giving is the benefit and well-being of others, so we're encouraged to give generously. Rather than giving from a certain standard or percentage, we give freely from the heart.

Here's a link to a blog post from Andrew Farley, entitled "Are You Robbing God? No!"

Friday, November 6, 2015

Found and Favored Ministries

My friend Allan Scott, who is a grace-based singer (check out my interview with him), has launched a new ministry called "Found and Favored Ministries."  This ministry aims and helping people who are hurting and addicted, releasing them into grace and freedom.  Check out more about Found and Favored at

Mercy Me - Flawless

Welcome to Grace Roots

On this blog I plan to post things that are rooted in God's grace.  I'll post videos, links to ministries, other blogs and articles, and whatever else has grace roots.  I hope this will be a great resource for those seeking to be established in grace!